Insurance Requirements

Scene in San FranciscoThe submission of insurance is part of the basic requirements for filming in San Francisco.  Our requirements are very specific.  It often takes brokers a few days to get us the required paperwork.  For this reason we suggest you forward this information to you agent in a timely fashion.

The insurance requirements for San Francisco are as follows:


  1. We need a certificate of insurance showing:
    • $1 million ($2 million aggregate) of General Liability
    • $1 million of Auto Liability
    • $1 million for Employer's Liability and State statutory requirements for Workers Compensation

The Certificate Holder section of COI must state:

The City and County of San Francisco
San Francisco Film Commission,
City Hall Room 473, San Francisco, CA 94102

-The certificate must be signed by an authorized representative

-For both the General and Auto Liability, we require separate endorsement pages that name, "The City and County of San
Francisco, its officers, agents and employees
" as additional insured.

* If ONLY hired and non-owned autos are being covered, we do NOT need an endorsement for the Auto
OR: If the policy carries a blanket endorsement, send the relevant pages of the policy indicating where
the City is covered, along with the declaration or forms page OR make sure the form # for the blanket
endorsement is listed on the certificate.

EXCEPTIONS & WAIVERS: When we receive a request for a waiver of any portion of the insurance
requirements, we must have the waiver approved internally by our Risk Management department. Make
sure to allow at least 3 business days for this process.
If you do not cover Workers Compensation Insurance because legally you are not required to, we can
instruct on the steps to requesting a waiver for this requirement.

If you cannot provide or do not need coverage for Auto Liability, we can instruct on the steps to
requesting a waiver for this requirement. **Part of the waiver request will be a statement that no vehicles
of any kind will be used for filming activities, and all crew and equipment will arrive to and depart location
by walking, taking public transportation or a taxi.

We are required to receive these documents directly from your broker and cannot accept them from permit applicants. Please forward this link to your agent so that they may see our requirements.

Once the documents are compiled they should be faxed to 415-554-6503 or emailed to Should you or your agent have any questions about our requirements please call the film office at 415-554-6241.


QUESTIONS? Please review our full insurance requirements, complete with EXAMPLE PAGES!