Market Your Property

Scene in San FranciscoIf you are interested in providing your property as a film location, you have a few options.

You can send photos of your residence along with an address and contact to our office at We maintain a digital library of properties in the Bay Area and will provide your photos to interested productions. The pictures should include any special aspects of your home such as great views or unusual architecture. You should send photos of both the interior and an exterior of the home.

The Reel Directory is another helpful source. Private entities advertise their locations here. This publication also lists local location scouts and managers. You may want to send an email including some photos, your contact info and a quick description of your property to locations professionals listed in the Reel Directory.

The California Film Commission has an in-depth publication about how to best market your location.

Once a project has chosen your house you may have questions about what to expect. To help you with this we recommend you check out the California Film Commissions publication Your Property in a Starring Role (pdf).