Student Filming Procedures

Scene in San Francisco The San Francisco Film Commission works with local film schools to assist students looking to permit film projects in the City. A student project is defined as a class assignment that is under providable insurance coverage by a university. If your university is not able to provide your project with the required insurance coverage, you will need to follow the standard permitting process.

As a courtesy to students we do not charge a permit fee, however there may be fees associated with other permitting bodies within the City. Students will be responsible for all cost recovery fees for the City such as SFPD, MUNI and DPT.

Once you know your project will classify as a student project fill out a Use Agreement. Please make note that:

  1. The “Contractor” should read “University Name / Student Name”
  2. You must sign page 6
  3. On the Identification page, the Company Name and Address is the school's information.

If you would like to reserve parking for equipment vehicles you will need to review the procedures to reserve parking.

Upon completion of your paperwork, you are required to be approved by the Film Department Teacher/Advisor who has assigned the project to you. This teacher/advisor will review your Use Agreement and complete the Teacher Approval Form. The completed Teacher Approval Form must come directly from your teacher/advisor; they need to email it to

Once your teacher has signed off on your documentation, you must email ( or fax (415-554-6503) all of your paperwork to the Film Office. After this, you may call to make an appointment to move forward with the permit process.

All documents must be received no less than five business days prior to your first day of filming. If you have special needs that require more advanced planning, call the Film Office for assistance with questions.

Items to bring to your meeting with the Film Office:

  1. Completed, initialed Use Agreement (permit application)
  2. Parking maps for posting, if applicable
  3. Completed Teacher Approval Form from your professor or a film advisor responsible for assigning the project
  4. Student ID card

The student named on the permit must complete the Use Agreement, meet with the Film Office, and be present at all times while filming on location.

The San Francisco Film Office is available for questions by telephone or appointment only.