Business FAQ


Have you received a filming notification?
We require that production companies notify impacted businesses of the production activities occurring in San Francisco neighborhoods. Notices look like this and have the following information included:

-Time & Dates of Filming
-Exact address(es) where production activities will occur
-Details of the shoot, including the number of posted parking, street closures, and/or any other items that may be included within the production activities
-Name of Production Company and working title of the project
-Production Company’s contact information
-Film SF’s contact information
-SF Police Department’s non-emergency contact information, and Emergency contact info if needed

What should I do if I have questions about the filming notification I received?

The best contact to call is the Location Manager, listed directly on the notification. The Location Manager is on-site and able to address any concerns that are directly at the production’s location. You can also call Film SF and we will assist you with production details.

Have you received a filming survey?

Film SF grants permits for filming between the hours of 7am-10pm. However, Film SF can permit productions outside of these hours, taking into consideration the City Noise Ordinance (San Francisco Police Code Article 29), provided productions complete the filming survey process in the residential area they want to film. The Filming Survey is an information gathering tool, and not a request for permission to film. Film SF uses survey feedback to gauge neighborhood concerns with and support for a proposed filming activity. Not all filming activity requires a filming survey; for those shoots that do, community participation is strictly voluntary.


This survey should include details of the specific areas impacted and hours of filming outside of 7am-10pm. Here is a Filming Survey Template.

Participation in a filming survey is strongly encouraged, but strictly voluntary. If you have no concerns with the upcoming filming, there is a place to quickly indicate this on the survey form. You do not need to provide the production with your contact information if you do not want to. 

If a production is filming in a residential area where businesses are open during proposed early morning/late night filming hours then those businesses will need to be surveyed as well.

There are some exceptions to this requirement. While filming in non-residential zones for example. When surveying mixed residential and commercial areas, Film SF will also gauge concerns with and support for proposed activity near businesses that would be open during the after-hours filming.

For more information about the film survey process, please visit this webpage: 

I see signs posted for “no parking” near my business. What does this mean?

Productions will request “No Parking” posting for a number of reasons, including the need to park production vehicles near the filming location, secure spaces for their “picture cars” that are a part of the scene, or to clear the streets of vehicles in their camera’s frame.

I have concerns about a production in my neighborhood. How do I voice a concern?

Please call the Film Commission if you have any concerns about a current or future shoot in your neighborhood. 415-554-6241.

I did not receive a filming notification, but there appears to be a film shoot near my business.

If you believe a film shoot is happening on the street of your business and you did not receive advanced notice about it, please give us a call: 415-554-6241.

There is a production that will be shooting near my business; will my patrons still have access to my business?

Regardless of street closures and “No Parking” stopping signs, you and your patrons will always have access to your business. However, depending on the size of the shoot, traffic on your exact street can sometimes be intermittently held for safety purposes, especially when filming is taking place in the middle of the street. When this type of production is occurring, SFPD will be on-site to conduct temporary traffic control. Once the camera take has ended, SFPD will safely help you and your patrons have access to your business.

How do I get my business used as a location for filming?

Thank you for your interest in supporting the local production industry! If you are interested in listing your business for a production location, contact us (415-554-6241, and we will happily provide you with more information on how to make your business a star.

How do I promote my business or myself to the film and entertainment industry?

Thank you for your interest in joining the local production industry! There are many aspects of production that you can become involved in, including working on the cast or crew of a shoot or listing your business as a filming destination. If you are interested in becoming involved, contact us (415-554-6241, and we will happily provide you with more information.