Green Filming

Scene in San Francisco We want to work with productions to minimize their environmental impact while working in San Francisco. In order to do this we have compiled green information and resources for art departments, catering & craft services, your production office, general recycling tips, set construction, set operations, transportation, wardrobe, and more.

This information is provided for your convenience. Any reference or links to specific products businesses or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the San Francisco Film Commission. We encourage you to notify us of any omissions or errors in this guide.

Art Department

Use low-VOC paints and sealants with a Green Seal certification | Use recycled paints | Use leftover paint as primer on new sets | Recycle or properly dispose of leftover paint | Donate old props and set dressings to schools and non-profits

Art Department Green Resources

  • Recycled paint info
  • Use SF EcoFinder to find locations where you can recycle or properly dispose of paint
  • Props/Set Dressings can be donated to:
    SCRAP - Scroungers' Center for Reusable Art Parts
    TMAX - Theatre Materials Exchange, an online resource to donate and receive theatre related materials and equipment

Catering & Craft Services

Provide reusable bottles, plates, cups and cutlery or use biodegradable plates and cups  | Prominently display and label recycling bins and compost bins  | Label garbage cans “landfill” so users will think twice | Refill and reuse your water bottle  | Avoid Styrofoam and plastic | Serve organic and locally-grown food | Donate leftover food

Green Catering & Craft Green Resources

Production Office

Stock chlorine-free toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues | Use cleaning agents low in VOC’s | Stock paper products with post-consumer recycled content | Set printing and copying devices defaults to double sided printing | Recycle all paper | Buy green office supplies | Use florcent lamps low in mercury | Buy bulk snacks instead of individually wrapped snacks | Use a water cooler in place of bottled water | Institute and “office mug” policy instead of providing disposable cups | Recycle cans, bottles toner cartridges and batteries | Recycle electronics | Sell or donate usable electronics supplies and furniture | Turn off and unplug electronics at the end of each day

Office Green Resources

Recycling, General

Provide and clearly label recycling recepacles next to all trash bins | Provide compost bins in areas with large quantities of food and restrooms for papertowels | Schedule a waste audit to identify areas where greater diversion can be achieved | Work closely with the Department of the Environment, they have many valuable resources that are free to businesses working in San Francisco

Recycling Resources

Set Construction

Buy FSC-certified lumber | Reuse or donate old lumber | Use recycled-content plastic lumber | Use reusable construction materials, such as metal scaffolding | Recycle old sets

Set Construction Green Resources

Set Operations

Prominently display recycling bins | Label garbage cans "landfill" to make users think twice | Use recyclable water bottles | Use biodiesel generators | Use energy-efficient equipment | Use LED's where possible | Turn off and unplug equipment when not in use

Set Operations Green Resources

  • Energy Star - signifies energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs.  Look for this logo on all electronics


Use hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicles | Encourage carpooling and use of public transportation

Transportation Green Resources

  • Information about San Francisco's innovative Green Rental Car Program with links to companies offering hybird high mileage rental cars.
  • Alternative fuel gas stations:
    Alternative Fuels Data Center - A resource for finding alternative fuel gas stations throughout the United States
    Dogpatch Biofuels
    People's Fuel
  • Commuter checks - by enrolling in a Commuter Checks program companies save an average of 10% on payroll tax cost while their employees can save up to 40% on commuting costs.


Look for CO2 cleaning and wet cleaning dry cleaners | Donate old clothes

Wardrobe Green Resources


Miscellaneous Green Resources