Instructions for filling out Permit Application

Scene in San Francisco

Follow our instructions to help guide you through some commonly asked questions in relation to our permit application.  If you have any questions which are not answered here and/or need further clarification please feel free to call us at 415-554-6241 or email us at

Instructions for Filling out Permit Application

When filling out the pdf make sure you have downloaded the most recent copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Without this you will not be able to save your additions to the form.  There is a button on the top of the first page of the application that will allow you do download the most recent version.

Contractor / Company Name: Make sure this matches the contractor/company name that is on your insurance certificate.

Submitted By: This is the person submitting the form to the film office.

On Location Contact: This is the person who will be on location with the crew at all times.  We must be provided with a cell number for this person so we can contact the crew while filming.

Production Vehicle List: Make sure you include the quantity and size of each vehicle.  Please remember that we cannot provide parking for passenger vehicles (with or without equipment).  Department of Traffic will cite any passenger vehicles posted in parking spots that have been approved as equipment vehicle parking.

Location #: Each location is assigned a number and considered an "entry" for the purposes of this document.  Please assign each location a number is ascending order according to date and time of filming.  Please note that we are unable to issue blanket permits.  You will be required to outline all of your locations on these pages in order for your permit to be approved.

Location and Address: List the name of the location; for example a business name along with an address.  If the location is a private residence simply enter the address.  Please include cross streets for street addresses when possible.  If you would like to permit a city block list "X" street between "Y" and "Z" streets. 

Date:  Type the day and date you would like to film.  For Example Friday 8/28/09.  If you are at the location more than one day consecutively, List Friday 8/28/09 - Sunday 8/30/09.  If your filming at a location is not on consecutive dates each day at the location should be listed as a separate location entry.

INT/EXT/Both: Are you filming interior only?  Exterior only? Or, both interior and exterior?  Please select one option.

Start Time: List times in standard format with am or pm.  Please do not use military time.  Your start time should indicate what time crew and equipment will begin to arrive at location rather than what time filming will begin.

End Time: List times in standard format with am or pm.  Please do not use military time.  Your end time should indicate what time all crew and equipment will vacate the location rather than what time filming will end.

List: Equipment, Street Closures, ITC, Personnel and/or Special Conditions Here:

  • Equipment: Here you will list any equipment being used besides one camera, handheld or tripod.  For example generator, cherry picker, or dolly track.
  • Street Closures / ITC: Indicate if you are applying for a lane or street closure or if intermittent traffic control (ITC) may be necessary.
  • Personnel: Indicate if there will be any changes in personnel.  For Example: 2nd unit or 250 extras.  Or, although your production has a 50 person crew only 10 will be at this location.
  • Special Conditions: List any conditions which you feel should be noted on your permit.  For example, we will have extras dressed as police officers for this scene.

Summarized Scene: For all EXT scenes describe the action taking place.  For example.  Man walks down sidewalk and bumps into friend.  Or, woman chasing man down street while brandishing a gun.

Check all that apply:

  • Pyrotechnics: Select if pyrotechnics will be used.
  • Parking Request: If you are requesting parking you MUST include a map with your application at the time of submittal.  For more information about requesting parking please click here.
  • Wet Downs: Select if you will be wetting down any portion of the location.
  • Simulated Violence: Select if there is any simulated violence taking place at the location.
  • Conditions: This is for office use only.  We will utilize this area to note any special conditions which may effect your location.

Do not forget to send an original signed Page 6 of the Use Agreement to the Film Commission office.  We require that an original be received by the Film Office, however we can work with a scanned copy as the original wet signature is en route via tracked source (i.e. Fed Ex or UPS.)

We require 4 full business days to complete the permit application process, so please keep this in mind as you get ready to submit your materials to us.