Interested in Becoming a Participating Vendor?

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San Francisco businesses are invited to participate by offering a discount to productions while they’re filming in the City. Vendors reap the rewards of more business, while the productions are rewarded with a discount on a variety of goods and services. Vendors will be listed, free of charge, on the Film Commission’s website, and will gain access to the production companies which spend millions of dollars in San Francisco each year.

How does the Program work?

How does the Program work? Providing a discount is a requirement to become a participating vendor in the Scene in San Francisco Discount Program. Scene in San Francisco vendors may choose to offer discounts to both production companies filming in San Francisco and to individual crew members working on those productions. (For example, a dry-cleaning business might offer a 10% discount to crew members who clean their individual items, but a 25% discount to a production company that launders more than 50 items at a time.)

  • Vendors must provide minimum discounts consistently to all holders of the Scene in San Francisco Discount Card.
  • Discounts must be quantifiable.
  • For businesses other than restaurants: a minimum discount of 10% off goods & services must be offered.
  • For restaurants: offer must provide the equivalent added value of one course or one beverage.

When a qualifying production comes to town, crew members will be issued a Scene in San Francisco Discount Card which will show that they are eligible for the discount. The name of the production and an expiration date will be on the card, so vendors can confirm that it is valid. Once a vendor signs up, the Film Office will provide a decal they can display on their window to show that they are a Scene in San Francisco Vendor Discount Program participant.

How do I sign my business up to participate?

Businesses interested in participating should fill out the appropriate forms below and return them to the Film Office via email ( or Fax (415-554-6503). Businesses will be added to the website listing every thirty days.

Click here to download the General Vendor Agreement Form (pdf).
Click here to download the Hotel Vendor Agreement Form (pdf).
Haga clic aqui para Estipulaciones para el Programa de la Tarjeta de Descuento del Vendedor (pdf).
Click here to download the General Vendor Agreement Form written in Chinese(pdf)