Posting Instructions

Scene in San Francisco

Once your posting has been approved by the Film Commission, it is your responsibility to ensure that your "No Stopping" signs are posted correctly.  The section below will describe detailed instructions.

Posting Instructions

Once you have received an assigned posting number from the Film Commission, you will need to complete the following steps to get your signs posted:


  • You must schedule a time to pick up parking posting signs from the Film Commission. Our office hours of Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm.
  • The sign must include the dates and times of the posting, your company name, a production company representative’s phone number, and the assigned posting number.
  • Be sure to create a document that states the posting number and your company name to place in the windshields of all your vehicles to ensure that you do not get ticketed.
  • For requested non-metered spaces: you must post signs a minimum of 72 hours in advance; for requested metered spaces:  you must be posted a minimum of 24 hours in advance. 
  • If you are posting in a residential location without meters, you must purchase/rent stands to hang No Stopping signs on. An example of a place to purchase stands is Brickley Productions, located here in the city.
  • Signs MAY NOT be hung on utility poles or private property.
  • Upon arrival to the location, if you have taken more spaces than needed, please remove signs for parking not being used.


We have four city approved posting contractors:

  • Harry Stein and Bob Loeffler with Up and Down Signs: 415-290-2736 and 510-816-4093
  • Rashod Edwards with R&R Traffic Solutions: 510-689-8285  
  • Jason Wong with No Stopping Zone: 415-850-4863
  • (For projects requiring 50 or more spaces) Travis Ervin with TriCal Rentals: 415-633-6827 or email with subject line "Film No Stopping"

Please let the Film Commission know and we will work directly with your posting contractor to approve parking.