San Francisco Film Commission

The San Francisco Film Commission works to develop, recognize and promote film activities in San Francisco. We work to promote the San Francisco Bay Area as a film destination while also working with the local film community to support local projects with significant ties to San Francisco.

Lynne Newhouse Segal, Commissioner

Photo of Commissioner SegalLynne Newhouse Segal is an experienced public official, having served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District; as a San Francisco Recreation and Parks Commissioner; and as a Human Rights Commissioner. Currently retired, she had a career as an attorney in public and private practice, and as a public affairs and fundraising professional for clients including the Democratic National Committee and University of California Hastings College of the Law. She served as Staff Attorney for U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos, General Counsel for Metron Technology Corporation, and in private practice specializing in municipal law.

Newhouse Segal is a life-long activist for social and political justice.  From early adulthood she was a feminist leader and advocate for women’s' and minority political, social, privacy, health, and economic rights; working with NWPC, NAACP, National Council of Jewish Women, NOW, and the Democratic Party. Early in the AIDs crisis she was an effective advocate and fundraiser for care, treatment, research, education, dignity, and equal rights.

As a result of her appointment to the SF Recreation and Parks Commission, Newhouse Segal became a dedicated Parks and Open Space activist, bringing Parks advocates and neighbors together with public officials and philanthropists to create beautiful and safe playgrounds and recreation areas throughout San Francisco. Long after her tenure as a Commissioner, she continues her neighborhood advocacy and activism as President of Friends of Lafayette Park, and an advisor to other park projects.

Newhouse Segal's love of San Francisco and commitment to "localism" is evidenced in her work on the boards of San Francisco Beautiful and Pacific Heights Residents Association to maintain traditional San Francisco character while adapting to a dynamic, growing and changing city.

Newhouse Segal is proud to serve on the San Francisco Film Commission, helping to spread the image of San Francisco and the artistry of its residents through film.

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