Vendor Discount Program: Spa & Massage

Vendor Discount Card

Below is a list of businesses offering discounts to crews and production companies working on qualifying productions in San Francisco. Please be sure to identify yourself as a crew member and show your Scene in San Francisco Discount Card as verification of your eligibility for the discount.

Dojo Wellness
San Francisco, CA 94103 | Phone: 415-794-8386
Dojo is revolutionizing the mobile wellness scene one set at a time. We provide unique solutions including targeted massage sessions, an eco-friendly business practice, and kick-a*s music selections. Plus we offer a range of payment options to fit every project's budget. It's easy to get started today: just click over to our website and kiss those sore shoulders and stress headaches goodbye. Dojo Wellness is pleased to offer 15% off all on-site massage services. We offer 3 payment plans to meet your needs: 1) Production Paid - treat your cast and crew to a massage. 2) Split Payment - go 50/50 with your cast and crew for massage. 3) Client Paid - have your cast and crew pay for massage at the time of service. Please note, minimum booking requirements and deposit may apply.

Garret Sanford Craniosacral Therapy
790 Duncan St., San Francisco, CA 94131 | Phone: 415-378-5505
Craniosaoral Therapy can help with: arthritis asthma autism back pain bone/joint problems breathing problems chronic fatigue depression digestive disorders emotional problems frozen shoulder headaches/ migraines hyperactivity insomnia sciatic stress related conditions TMJD/jaw disorders. 15% off Craniosacral Therapy session. Sessions last 60 minutes with client remaining fully clothed other than removal of shoes. Noninvasive, yet highly effective healing modality. See site for reviews.

Psoas Massage + Bodywork
333 3rd St, Suite 205, San Francisco, CA 94107 | Phone: 415-227-0331
At Psoas, our goal is to make you feel better. Working in film is physically demanding and it can take a toll on your body. We can definitely help lessen the aches and pains. Our massage therapists are trained in a number of modalities and will use their knowledge and skill to create your ideal massage session. Visit our website to learn more about our services and call us to schedule a session. Psoas is pleased to offer Scene in San Francisco members 10% off all massage and bodywork at our studio.